Getting Started

Installing and running Crossbelt for the first time

Getting Support

How to get support for Crossbelt

Determining Power Usage

How to use crossbelt to determine power usage on your rig.

Determining Profitability

How to determine if your rig is turning a profit.

Listing Devices

How to discover the devices running in your rig

Displaying Miner Stats

How to show the stats from the miner program.

All about Exporters

Learn how to use the data export system to export data in any format or any service

Known Issues

A list of issues that have not been fixed / solved yet

Determining Costs

Cost basis is an important factor of determining profitability and choosing to continue to run your rig at a loss or profit.

How to Upgrade Crossbelt

Crossbelt updates frequently, learn how to stay up to date

Crossbelt Configuration Data

How to use Crossbelt's configuration data repository

Compute Unit Identification

List the compute unit ids for use with miner programs.

Determining Compute Unit Voltages

Learn how to set and view your core voltage to decrease power consumption.

Supported Miners

List of Supported miners

How to install new miners

Crossbelt lets you install any miner application easily.

Troubleshooting Tips

Tips for how to troubleshoot

Wallet Management

How to manage the numerous amounts of crypto wallets

Miner application discovery

How Crossbelt discovers miner applications.


How to reconfigure your rigs to mine different crypto and set overclocks.


Released Versions and their changelogs