We keep a changelog of all the notable changes for each release. Refer to the changelogs below for things we changed.

Latest 0.21.0

Released 9/27/20

  • Update to ruby 2.7.1 from 2.6.6
  • Add back device class for backwards compatibility
  • Add library to fetch historical coin prices
  • Adds google sheets as a new exporter
  • Update highline library to 2.0.3
  • Refactor upgrade process to work with new location and process

Version 0.20.0

Released 6/7/20

  • Add team red miner support
  • Adds better vega support
  • Fixes vega voltage reporting with newer kernels
  • Adds GPU mem temp status
  • Fixes error with setting the fan speed on newer kernels
  • Convert to using compute unit gem
  • Update development dependencies

Version 0.19.0

Released 7/30/19

  • Adds rig temp command
  • Improves NH and ethash profitability calculations
  • Adds sgminer support
  • Adds xm-rig miner support
  • Allows OPENCL to fail

Version 0.18.0

Released 4/6/19


  • Adds miner ps command to list miner processes
  • Big performance improvment of miner detection and rig info

Bug fixes

  • Removes facter as a dependency
  • Improves performance of rig info by 10x
  • Refactors miner detection
  • Improves caching with miner instances
  • Adds ability to show miner processes
  • Refactors miner process internals
  • Removes detection of ethminer
  • Adds version to miner name
  • Refactors miners class to work with multiple miners
  • code cleanup

Version 0.17.0

Released 3/11/19


  • Adds miner cli command
  • Adds lolminer support
  • Adds miner_utils module
  • Adds configuration data to api context

Bug fixes

  • Refactors how miner discovery works by discovering process
  • Refactors port discovery
  • Small performance improvement with miner discovery
  • Removes deprecated code
  • Fixes bug with cu info command
  • Fixes ethos miner always being used when cached
  • Fixes divide by 0 error during efficiency calculation
  • adds efficiency converter to miner_utils class
  • changes output of efficiency to a string with unit
  • Changes how efficiency score is calculated
  • Changes the output format for mining stats with regards to hashrate.

Version 0.16.0

Released: 2/27/19

Bug Fixes

  • refactors monkey patches to monkey_patch file


  • Adds rig owner and mining_profile to rig info

Version 0.15.0

Released: 2/18/19


  • Adds ini exporter
  • Adds config command for setting and getting configs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes output of cu mem volt command
  • Refactors placement of cli command files
  • Stops validation of production repo
  • Fixes support command when no miner or gpus exist
  • Updates GLI gem to 2.18.0
  • Removes IoT class as it was dead code
  • Refactor update command to use puppet resource
  • Fixes reconfigure command to pull data from url

Version 0.14.0

Released: 2/2/2019


  • Adds a context object to the export data method
  • Adds a location identifier to rig
  • Fixes fuse fs output during when mining stats are shown
  • Speeds up discovery of miner when using tcp ports

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes incorrect ipaddress when multiple interfaces are present
  • Performance improvement with miner discovery
  • Change showme domain to
  • Return from cache method if ttl < 0
  • Fixes GPU index error
  • Fixes errors when TCP processes cannot be looked up for root user
  • Removes fosl gem
  • Fixes bug with claymore and socket timeout issue

Version 0.13.0

Released: 12/19/2018


  • Adds plugins command
  • Adds a few cli examples to cu command
  • Adds showme exporter
  • Adds ability to create export plugins
  • Adds ability to specify poff as percentage
  • Adds ability to return list of gpu ids
  • Adds ability to set a power offset for each GPU
  • Adds ability to use regex to filter compute units
  • Adds ZOTAC to list of vendors

Bug Fixes

  • Refactors ethos miner to improve read performance
  • Refactors ethos miner to fix reading share files
  • Change read error when reading from kernel files
  • Adds extra decimal rounding with usd formatter
  • Fixes gpu index when using mixed nvidia and amd
  • Fixes min and max values for overclock values on amd gpus

Version 0.12.0

Released: 11/24/2018


  • Adds ability to set new package channels
  • Adds experimental support to create support package
  • Adds ability to set mem volt and clock speed
  • Adds support for Cast XMR miner
  • Adds ability to set fan speed for AMD
  • Shows ethos loc as nickname
  • Adds PDU command to show pdu information from ethos conf
  • Adds xb as initial exe name

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue with OpenCL devices and different GPU types
  • Fixes rig IP address when docker is present
  • Fixes cast-xmr efficiency display
  • Refactor API to be versioned
  • Fixes bios name when rom based bios if incorrect
  • Fixes invalid enumeration with drm debug files on amdgpu
  • Fixes issue when ethos conf does not exist
  • Adds better support for amdgpu power lookup
  • Uses alternate bios name for GPUs with xxx as the bios name
  • Fury R9 systems shouldn’t fail without amdgpu driver
  • Fixes issues with some AMD cards where the bios was not extracted properly
  • Fixes issue with xmr-stak and when rigid is not present
  • Fixes #19 - divide by 0 error when no GPUs and miner are present

Version 0.11.0

  • Fixes issue with finding miner on open port
  • Fixes #13 - Add status command
  • Fixes #12 - issue getting rig info when miner is not running
  • Adds ability to show USD format for cu profit
  • Adds required library for cache_store
  • Adds caching layer for miner
  • Refactors xmr-stak code to detect multi threads better
  • Adds new voltage table command
  • Adds OpenCL bindings to detect AMD boards
  • Fixes issue with cu selection and a single unit
  • Fixes loading of sub commands
  • Refactors CLI commands use parent methods
  • Fixes ethos_miner to use proper hash conversion under claymore-xmr
  • Adds Xmr-stak miner support

Version 0.10.0

  • Adds core and memory clocks to cu command
  • Refactor cu command to allow cu selection and JSON for every command
  • Adds ability to see core voltage
  • Refactor how cu units are selected
  • Renames the GPU command to cu
  • removes reconfigure from core by exporting to plugin
  • Refactors how miner name is calculated
  • Adds support for ethos generic miner
  • adds a hash unit formatter / converter
  • adds utilization to GPU
  • adds ability to manual support vendors not in the PCI database
  • adds CPU temp to rig info
  • adds miner name and current algo
  • adds make and model to rig info
  • removes inventory from core and uses plugin system

Version 0.9.1

  • Fixes hwmon path when device is not working
  • separates out commands into pluggable commands
  • adds ability to set power limit to GPU
  • fixes bug with bios name not being in uppercase
  • adds sapphire to name resolution for device
  • add rebooted status and cron reboot entry
  • adds hardware info to GPU compute unit
  • removed ethminer for list of supported miners
  • provides easy migration path from mineros
  • changed name to crossbelt
  • ensure loaded constants exist
  • ensure config and cache parent directory exist if root
  • ensure update_data function is not private

Version 0.8.4

  • last commit before changing name to crossbelt
  • adds ability to send updates automatically
  • adds inventory feature
  • adds location class
  • adds a new device object
  • adds a new command to list all devices on the rig
  • Throw error when no compute units exist
  • fail gracefully when bad Nvidia card exist

Version 0.8.0

  • remove cache references for reconfigure
  • Refactors the PCI database lookup mechanism
  • Moved CLI to its own class
  • Added cb and crossbelt exe commands
  • Deprecate usage of Crossbelt.cache functions
  • Adds web caching to speed up profit projections
  • fix ccminer summary data references
  • remove usage of amdmeminfo in favor of kernel level information
  • speed improvement with some commands by 2x-3x
  • Use Config instead of Settings
  • Adds better GPU cost data and options
  • Adds profit with total costs built in

Version 0.7.0

  • fixes GPU power discovery for AMD vegas and other AMD GPUs
  • fixes AMD fan discovery
  • removes setup command
  • removes rig profit command
  • removes gitlab dependency
  • removes rig profitability
  • Adds config object
  • Adds process detection method for miners
  • Fixes bug with nvidia-smi running when no cards are present
  • Send zero stats if unsupported coin
  • Further performance improvements with active miner
  • Fixes Nvidia GPU power metadata and cached value
  • Adds tdxminer and several fixes for finding miners
  • Change version reported to package version
  • Adds new fields for reported data
  • Fixes GPU power output
  • Adds cryptonight to unit multiplier

Version 0.6.0

  • Uses API version 2 when sending data
  • Fixes profit conversions
  • Adds ability to pull data from the cloud
  • Creates a single rig instance to save memory
  • Adds a default miner when no miner is running or supported
  • Adds Rig Object
  • Adds Compute Unit object
  • Adds sub compute unit objects
  • Refactors update command to use Rig and compute unit objects
  • Adds GPU and rig status
  • Adds high load status
  • Adds timestamp of last update

Version 0.5.0

  • Adds profit data to rig info
  • Adds profit data and hashrate to GPU
  • remove internet dependency for profit tests
  • Adds more rig info
  • Adds Update Command for updating stats in Crossbelt Cloud
  • Moves registration command to base command
  • Adds ability to export mining profile
  • Adds ability to generate a Crossbelt Cloud certificate
  • Adds ability to send state data to Crossbelt Cloud on registration

Version 0.4.3

  • Improves calculation of exported GPU profiles
  • Fixes bug where upgraded assumed file was present
  • Fixes accounting error with total power and GPU profit
  • Adds ability to export GPU profiles to YAML format
  • Fixes AmdMemInfo constant not found error
  • Fixes issue with the socket not closing correctly
  • Fixes bug with Nvidia not loading CSV library
  • Changes AMD GPU cache to use mineros cache
  • Move Facter code to pure ruby implementation
  • Adds ethminer support
  • Adds ability to show profit ratio for GPU
  • Fix AMD power readings under linux kernel 4.15
  • Sort the GPU info properly
  • Switches Nvidia info to use ruby code

Version 0.4.2

  • adds ccminer support
  • raise error when coin is not supported for profit
  • do not wipe out currently selected channel when upgrading
  • Refactor how active miner is discovered
  • switch claymore to use sockets when getting API information
  • adds build-essential to dockerfile
  • adds new settings cache functionality

Version 0.4.1

  • Fix chmod error, only run with root
  • Allow upgrade to current channel to stay on bleeding edge
  • Fixes initial state issue when file does not exist

Version 0.4.0

  • pin dependencies to versions
  • fix issue with upgrade and sudo error
  • use internal puppet apply instead of shelling out
  • librarian puppet cannot find puppet when running with sudo
  • Adds state machine to create proper workflow
  • Fixes #21 - command fails when not on debian
  • Fixes #19 - GPU cost –price does not work
  • Fixes #20 - remove dual mining from main profit calculation
  • Speeds up the upgrade process by only updating mineros source

Version 0.3.0

  • Initial working release