Wallet Management

Manage all of your crypto wallet addresses..

Managing wallet addresses

As miners we often want to mine different crypto either to maintain profitability or to hodl specific coins. New crypto wallets and addresses come and go and Crossbelt will help you store the addresses for easier lookup.

Security and Private keys

We don’t want anything to do with your private keys, nor be held respsonible for lost crypto. Never, ever give us your private keys unless it is a form of payment or gratitude. The only wallet information we need to store is your public addresses. Essentially your payment address. Technically, you own the the data in which your addresses are stored. You will be resposilbe for maintaining these addresses and data.

It is best to maintain a hardware wallet like Ledger, Trezor or use the software wallets on your smartphone.

Apps like Coinomi and Jaxx for Android work wonders for easily generating wallet addresses.

So it is best to use mobile apps and hardware wallets when available.

Adding a rig owner profile

Before you can add any wallet addresses you will need to create a rig owner profile. This is easily done by creating a file in your own crossbelt_data repo.

  1. open the crossbelt_data repo
  2. create a new file under data/rig_owner
  3. name the file with the name of the rig owner ie. opselite.yaml

Note: The file must end with ‘.yaml’


# crossbelt_data/data/rig_owner/opselite.yaml
  btc: 3H95NMM4QgQ1pUQC9cDh8fpgWqTdLZHzWJ

Adding new wallet addresses

Currently wallet addresses are stored in a yaml data file which looks like the following:

  btc: 3H95NMM4QgQ1pUQC9cDh8fpgWqTdLZHzWJ
  dcr: DsZamV21EMkJYNVZVyyJeLbArNokzHKC6ga
  eth: 77562100D913A27ffd24FCFAD4E43095D3E4544D
  etc: 09fcD6596Ee3532BEC69Cda7824AeD091f708Ebc
  zec: t1ULRQhkqYv4Rh2snGirNJfLeDssRnHuq9G
  xmr: 467FTACVpkogxak8aDirSi2NDaL2zbAzohm2pcRpo7DN6iQ4EEFJYoEGQEZ3cvFa3mycF

Format looks like this. Ensure you use the correct coin tag and wallet address.

  <coin_tag>: <wallet address>`

This file supports any type of address. To add new entries just use the coin tag and your wallet address ie. eth eth: 77562100D913A27ffd24FCFAD4E43095D3E4544D

The wallet address is not the public or private key. This is the address in which people use to send crypto to your wallet. Never put private keys here. Never!

Adding a local wallet

If you wish to set the wallets up locally instead of in the crossbelt_data repository you can use the following.

To set a wallet locally use the config command. This will instruct Crossbelt to use a locally set wallet instead of the one provided by the crossbelt data repository.

sudo cb config set crossbelt::wallets::btc <address>

sudo cb config set crossbelt::wallets::eth <address>

Crossbelt will use these configurations only if a rig owner is not set. Otherwise the rig owner wallets will be used. If a rig owner exists but the wallet address doesn’t exist for that currency Crossbelt will rely on locally set wallet configurations. Otherwise defaults will be used.