How to Upgrade Crossbelt

Crossbelt makes it easy to upgrade.

About the package channels

We have three different channels for our packages.

  • stable (official released versions)
  • testing (more stable bleeding edge)
  • unstable (bleeding edge)

We push out changes frequently to our unstable channel which we use to test internally on our own fleet. Once these unstable changes are tested we then add them to the testing channel. Once we deem that the testing channel works well enough we create a new release which gets pushed out to our stable channel. The stable channel is updated between every 2-4 weeks depending on our schedule.

Switching and Subscribing to the different channels

You can change to any channel at any time using the -c switch.


cb upgrade -c unstable

cb upgrade -c testing

cb upgrade -c stable

This command will switch the channel and upgrade to the latest package in the channel.

Adding the BlockOps GPG key

We sign our packages and repo. So you see errors regarding GPG keys you will need to run this command once per rig.

Adds GPG key for apt package management system:

curl -s | sudo apt-key add -

Upgrade via the upgrade command

Crossbelt has a built in command the upgrades itself. Essentially this command just runs the OS level package manager install command.

sudo crossbelt upgrade

Upgrade via OS package manager

If you don’t want to use the upgrade command, you can also use the OS package manager command on ubuntu.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install crossbelt

This command will update the repo entries for crossbelt and also install the latest package.

If using ethos you will need to run:

sudo apt-get-ubuntu update && sudo apt-get-ubuntu install crossbelt