Getting Support

If you run into a issue or need support with crossbelt, look here.

Creating a support ticket

We have a email support system that will auto create an ticket based on your email and subject. If you think your issue requires a ticket please send an email to our support system.

Support request email

The body of the email should contain:

  1. Output of command with logging and stacktrace enabled. A screenshot or copy-n-paste text is required.
  2. The expected results that you thought should have been returned.

You can refer to the troubleshooting guide for more info on getting the stacktrace and logging output.

Feature Request

If you thought of a killer feature that you want added please open a support ticket with the subject that contains “FEATURE” at the beginning.

Feature request email

Possible Bug

If you think you found a bug or use case that caused a bug please open a support ticket with the word ‘BUG’ at the front of the summary.

Bug request email

Please remember to attach all steps to reproduce the error and attach the support package.

Support Command

As of version 0.12.0 there is a experimental support command cb support that will take a snapshot of the system and create a support_package.tar.gz file. You can attach this file in the support ticket email which will greatly help us.

At a later time this support file will be automated and sent to us directly without you needing to attach it in an email.

The support package includes data about your rig such as sysfs files, nvidia-smi output and output of cb rig info command.

To see what data is include in the support package you can run the following command after creating the support package.

tar --list --verbose --file=crossbelt_support_pack.tar.gz

Support Covered

Support covers the crossbelt software only. We do not cover hardware issues. If you are having issues with your rig you should contact the underlying operating system support channels.

In general, get your hardware working and then use crossbelt.

Telegram Support

You can get support in the telegram channel via the following link: telegram channel