Determining Power Usage

The ability to measure power usage allows us to tune and estimate the cost of operating a mining rig. Crossbelt gives you the ability to see the total and individual power usage of each compute unit..

NOTE While crossbelt is able to determine power usage for each compute unit, it cannot determine power used by the CPU, Memory and other devices attached. Crossbelt is also not able to determine power inefficiencies from the PSU. For the most accurate power reading, use a kill-o-watt or similar device that measures at the wall. Crossbelt gives you a reading that you can use to tune your devices.

NOTE As a good measure, add an extra 20-25 percent power adjustment to account for the entire rig.

NOTE These power measurements are provided by the driver. Unfortunately, it does not include the power used on the PCI bus which can vary for every compute unit. The power used on the PCI bus is somewhere between 5-20 watts, so please take this into account.

Total Rig Power

Getting the total power used by all the compute units at the rig level is as easy as cb rig power. This will output the power usage as a sum of all your compute units.

$ crossbelt rig power

Compute Unit Power

If you want to see the power that each compute unit is using just run the cb cu power command.

$ cb cu power
GPU0   | GPU1   | GPU2   | GPU3   | TOTAL
104.99 | 104.58 | 100.99 | 100.94 | 412

You can also use a range to filter out specific compute units.

$ cb cu power -g 1-2,3
GPU1   | GPU2   | GPU3   | TOTAL
103.82 | 101.04 | 100.79 | 306