Supported Miners

Mining software changes very frequently with GPUs. We try to keep up with the most popular miners and algorithms. Below is a list of supported miners that we can work with..

Miner Algorithms Note Stats type Installable Controllable
claymore eth,xmr,zcash well tested api no no
lolminer grin api no no
cast_xmr cryptonight api no no
xmr-stak cryptonight well tested api yes no
ccminer many needs testing api no no
dtsm many needs testing api no no
ethminer eth disabled support api no no
ethos many ethOS backed support file scraper no no
ewbf many needs testing api no no
phoenix eth api no no
sgminer many needs testing api no no
tdxminer log scraper no no
xm_rig cryptonight needs testing api no no

Adding new miners

As new coins and miners are released we may not support right away. You can request support by opening a support ticket.

In the feature we will allow the user to supply a miner feeder file to automatically add support for new miners as well as supporting miner plugins.